Hej Ettan! THS har tillsammans med 6 andra Kårer arrangerat ett event med CERN!! Följande information är från CERN:Facebook event – https://fb.me/e/2tHG4OzCL

Virtual Recruiting Event – Free for Students

Imagine taking part in the largest scientific experiment in the world. CERN needs
more than physicists and engineers – if you’re a student, a graduate, just starting
your career or an experienced professional, whatever your field of expertise, CERN
could be your next opportunity.

CERN is where some of our time’s most advanced and impactful research is
conducted, from particle physics to the creation of the World Wide Web. This event
gives you the opportunity to meet and one of their talented engineers, Hannah, to
hear her story and ask her any question you’d like. You will also be able to connect
with Priscilla, who is the person to talk to regarding how you can work, learn, and do
research at CERN.

Link to registration: https://www.careerfairy.io/upcoming-livestream/YxKNiF1eUFsgNbUTqOLf

Date: SEPTEMBER 20, 12:15

The event will be held on the careerfairy platform.

Language: English

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